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Kayla + Alexandra

Denver, Colorado

Here's the thing about LeeAnn, she is passionate about what she does and her energy is infectious! She made us feel beautiful, caught all of the little intimate details of our day, and kept us giggling the whole time. She is so easy going that there was no need for us to be worried about lighting or any other variables that day. She can work in any setting and the resulting photos are always so dreamy. Having LeeAnn photograph our wedding was the most important decision we made, right after choosing to spend our lives together of course!

Camille + Justin

Lafayette, LA

The vision behind her lens captured exactly what I was looking for. She understood our style and personality as a couple. She got us to try things we would have never thought about. The final portraits are photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The colors, mood, and energy you see in our photos create a perfect balance between us as a couple and LeeAnn as a photographer. LeeAnn is dependable, easy to communicate with and truly gets to know who you and your partner are. She is a fantastic artist and photographer and the most genuine human being you will meet and work with.